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Travel Man

Just read this article written by Richard Branson.  I of course knew about Virgin Galactic, but I did not know there was a Virgin Oceanic.  It appears that Mr. Branson will be teaming up with James Cameron to explore the deepest parts of the ocean.  Seriously…this man is just awesome.  We need more people like him, wanting and willing to push the boundaries.

We need more explorers.



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Ah Money…

Many of you may have heard about James Cameron (directed Titanic, Avatar, etc) dove to the bottom of Challenger Deep (deepest point on Earth) in a submersible (that he designed) the other day.  With Cameron doing something like that, plus all the billionaires starting space companies (many I’ve documented in previous posts), it just proves that money really does allow you to do some amazing things.

Yes, yes…money can also cause EVIL, but the right person with the right dream and enough money can shape the world we live in.

Now…where did I put that MegaMillions ticket…

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