Run For The Hills…Oh Wait…

Let me start by saying that when I left work today I swore I smelled smoke.  It being a very windy day I assumed (correctly) that a small fire had broken out in the foothills west of Denver.  At the time I couldn’t see anything so I started my drive home.  A half hour and several miles later I merge onto I-70 westbound, which affords a very nice view of downtown.  Well today that view was partially obscured by a great plume of smoke drifting in from the the foothills. The sight was spectacular.  If I had not been driving (why don’t we have self driving cars yet?) I would have snapped a picture on my phone.  The scene was like something from a movie (think end of the world or possibly alien invasion).  I know people are being evacuated from their homes and their is the chance for loss of life, but in that brief glance it was like living in a story…and I thought I would share.

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