Doom and Gloom with Sprinkles!

So much for me being on a regular blogging schedule…it’s just so much easier to come home from work and sit on the couch…

Writing is inching along.  I’ve managed to stay focused on the one project for almost a month I’ve got that going for me.

More rejections for The Third Age queries I’ve sent out (but we signed Manning, so that makes everything better!!!).  I’m to the point now where I think Third Age needs to spend some time on the shelf.  I like the story, and I think it is one that needs to be told, but clearly something is not working.  I will keep writing on the current project, then when I’m done with that I will come back and revisit TTA.  Hopefully in a year or so I will have gained perspective on whatever is flawed with the story and be able to fix it.

On the bright side we’ve signed Manning…(wait am I saying that too much…nope)  WE SIGNED MANNING!!!

Back to the scrivener’s pen as I try and write something that will get me published.  Hopefully on the first day of Spring next year I will be much further down the published path.

(Knocks on wood)



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