I Worry

One of the most absolute frustrating things to me is when there is something I want to write, but can’t.  During my recent unemployment vacation I started three separate projects.  All three of the projects were ideas that I’ve had for a while and wanted to turn into a novel.  None of them stuck.  That’s not to say that they won’t in the future (one them will most certainly have to if I ever manage to get The Third Age published).  For right now though they are relegated to my Novel Scraps folder in Word.

I don’t know what makes me not be able to complete a novel, but sometimes it just won’t happen.  It’s not lack of effort (the sitting down and completing something) as I have now written four, I feel I have that part down (I know I’m fooling myself).  It’s not writer’s block (knock on wood).  Maybe it’s Stephen King’s mysterious men in the basement going on strike.  Who knows?  I certainly don’t.

Neurotic?  Probably…but (quoting Stephen King here again) “A writer is someone who has taught their mind to misbehave”.

No sympathy needed.  Just sharing with you what it’s like in a writer’s mind.  It’s much like a rollercoaster.  Every time you make it to the top of one hill you quickly find yourself rolling off it.  In which case you just have to throw your hands in the air and yell all the way down.

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