And I’m Back

It has taken me (is still taking) awhile to get back in the work groove.  Not having all day to surf the internet and dream up new things to blog really cuts down on what I post here.  I will try to blog a little more regularly during the week (I swear).

Let’s see…while I was gone Romney continues to be Romney, Limbaugh continues to be an ass, and Santorum continues to be the second coming of Torquemada.

In space news Virgin Galactic will start powered tests of their spaceship and Space X’s capsule will be the first private spacecraft to visit the space station next month.

In writing news I’m struggling through the initials stages of my next project still.  This one has been a bear.  The last two novels I completed were fairly easy to build momentum and finish.  This one…not so much.

Well, I hope you are well on this fine Sunday.  I promise to be back here this week.


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