Social Achievement

Facebook is filing for its IPO where they are looking to raise about $5 Billion.  Overall the company is estimated to be worth $80 Billion.

The world is currently an unfair and unfriendly place to the majority of humanity.  It will probably remain that way for a long, long time.  World economics favors those countries that are already on top unless you game the system (looking at you China).

But…I do think that one of the bright points is exemplified in Facebook (not the actual product, but the idea behind it).  At least in America, one person with a good idea, ability and drive can make a pretty big dent in the world if they choose.

So feel free to dream.  If you have an idea, a passion, a drive then pursue it.  You never know what could happen…

(And since I motivated you I get 1% of the stock of each of your companies…that seems fair, right?)



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