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About Time!

So I’m starting the new job today. This means my blogging will be a bit sporadic. I’ll try still for once a day, but we’ll see.

Wish me luck!


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Movie Review: In Time

Watched In Time the other night.  Both Claire and I were a bit meh on it.  The film had a great concept and the first half was good, but then the writers got kind of sloppy at the end.  There were many deus ex machina moments, where things just happened to work out for the protagonists.  Overall not bad, but not great either.

Through the entire movie I was left with the thought that if Christopher Nolan had written and directed it, it would have been the best movie of the year.

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Let’s Sit Here and Do Nothing

I understand things are not going great in ye olde economy right now.  There needs to be much belt tightening and saving and reducing in order to get the U.S. national debt in check (something that will not happen EVER).  It just makes me sick though to see that NASA is taking yet another budget hit.  They are now cancelling all of their proposed Flagship missions for the immediate future (good article here).  Flagship missions are the big billion dollar projects (Voyager and Cassini) that NASA launches every decade or so.  The two that were in the planning stages were a sample return mission to Mars and another probe to visit Europa to see if there really are oceans under its ice crust.

You would think though that the government could find money somewhere to keep these important programs going.  Yes, I know there are many other things that are losing funding as well, but this is my pet pony (I call him Zazzles) and I hate to see good science lost to politics.  I bet the military could have lost the 300 million that is being cut from planetary exploration.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not a get rid of the military type.  Anyone that knows me, knows that I love weapons.  I believe we should have a strong military, but come on they are getting +600 billion.  I think a few hundred million could have been spared for NASA.

I have to wonder if the U.S. weren’t falling so far behind in Science and Math education if this wouldn’t have been a problem.

Just a thought.

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I Think We Have a Problem

As I sit in the office typing this I am surrounded by boxes and boxes of books (16 to be precise).  I’m not quite sure where they came from.  I swear we couldn’t have bought all of them, let alone read them.  But here they are, all wanting to be let out.  Now I have to put them on the shelves, but they won’t all fit.

How can I choose which get to see the light of day?  It’s very disturbing having to decide on favorites.  Every book (whether well written or not) provided hours of entertainment, new worlds to explore, characters to root for and revile.  How can you just lock away entire universes and galaxies of creation in storage?  It’s just not right.

I think we need a bigger house.

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Well the move is just about done.  A few more boxes to unpack and pictures to hang and that is it.  I’m still sore from Friday, but we were able to get almost everything done before the snow came.

Hope your Monday is going well.

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Almost Done

99% done with the move. I’m proud of us! My Dad is a He-man and Claire has super force powers!

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Move Day Approaches

We start moving tomorrow, so my blogging will probably be nonexistent until I get the computer set up and the internets working.

Please try not to break the world while I’m gone.

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