Obama = Pokerface

Regardless of your political views, you have to admit President Obama has one hell of a poker face.  He stood before the nation last night and gave his vision for the future of this country.  The ENTIRE time he was up there, he knew that a SEAL Team had just kicked the shit out of some Somalis and rescued two hostages.  Did he mention it, no.

An Enemy of America and President Obama playing poker:

Enemy of America: “Read em and weep full house, queens over tens.”

President Obama: “That’s nice.  Royal flush.  Oh, and by the way I just sent SEAL Team 6 back in time to kill your ancestors.”

Enemy of America: “Um…”

Secret Service Agent: “Mr. President I thought you were playing poker with someone?”

President Obama: “Not anymore.”

That’s just the way he roles…



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