What Is This Blank Page and Why Is It Staring At Me

Sooo…finally started working on my next book yesterday.  I was able to bang out 1,250 words, which is not a bad start.  I’m not sure if I particularly like what I wrote, but that is what revision is for.

To give you all an idea of my writing life cycle it goes something like this:

Pages 1-30ish: I feel like I’m five and learning to ride a bike without training wheels again.  There is lots of swerving and crashing, plus some scabby knees and elbows.

Pages 31 – 99: I get into a grove and the story really starts to come together.  Characters have their own voices. I know where the story is heading.

Page 100: I hate the book and this is the point where I will come the closest to giving up on the project (yes it is always page 100, I don’t know why).  This will last about a week, where I generally don’t get much writing accomplished.

Pages 101 – 175ish: I tentatively weave my way through the middle of story.  I start to pick up some steam, but writing is still a bit difficult.  I can maybe see the light at the end of the tunnel (note these are also the pages that I have to most heavily edit after Claire reads them).

Pages 176 – 250ish: This will generally be my best writing.  I am not flying along, but the writing is coming easy.  I will have a few really great chapters that make me feel like I might actually be able to do this for a living (then I will also have a day or two where everything is shit…its the way I role).

Pages 251 – 350ish:  The end is near and my output goes through the roof.  I have been know to bang out 5,000+ words in a sitting (20+ pages) as I near the end of a story.

I have written 3 novels that have made it to a final draft plus a fourth that never made it past the first draft, but every single time this is pattern that I follow.  What can I say, I’m a creature of habit.

I try for 6,250 words a week and am shooting for a 100,000 word novel…if my math is correct that will take roughly 16 weeks, but hopefully I will be able to exceed 6,250 a few times and cut that number down.  I will keep you posted as I go along.

Wish me luck!

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