Listen To This Man

Around Christmas I read an article in New Scientist that I wanted to post here.  Unfortunately it requires a subscription, so I did not.  The article was an interview with Elon Musk, the billionaire who founded PayPal and Tesla Motors.  His latest venture SpaceX is going to be the first private company to deliver cargo to the space station next month.  In the article Musk states that he can get 10,000 people to Mars in 20 years (he was unhappy with that as he wants to put a million).  I read that and did a little happy dance.

Well I found an expert of the article on Slate, which also comes with a video of Mr. Musk explaining why humanity needs to be multiplanetary.

Finally there is someone who dares to dream big and is willing to lay it all out there to say he can get it done.

I applaud you Elon Musk.  Preach on brother…preach on…





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