Choose Your Apocolypse

2011 is slowly dwindling away (about freaking time…stupid 2011).  This means that 2012 is peaking around the corner.  As we all know 2012 is supposed to be the year of the apocalypse.  As I sat around thinking about the end of times (as I occasionally do) I started to try and determine what the best end of the world would be.  Here is a list to pick from:

1. Alien invasion – in which large alien ships appear in orbit and bombard the crap out of our cities and then land millions of alien soldiers that we survivors must battle until some scientist comes up with a simple, yet complex to implement secret weapon to wipe all the aliens out (think common cold or a nuclear weapon in the mother ship).

2. Asteroid impact – in which a large rock hits the planet, and we survivors are left to fight amongst ourselves as our food supplies dwindle under the ash choked sky.

3. Vampire – in which a vampire plague spreads across the globe and we survivors are left to sharpen stakes and hunt them in the daylight, possibly with flame throwers.

4. Zombie – in which a zombie plague spreads across the planet, and we survivors are left to hoard shot guns and fortify malls.

5. Artificial Intelligence – In which our computers become self aware and take over the planet and we survivors are left to hide and send protectors back in time to advert the apocolypse.

6. Sparkly Vampire – In which the human race stops procreating because all of our women choose to mate with handsome, yet broodingly distant undead with strange hair cuts.  We survivors are left to…well I guess refer back to number 3…or become werewolves…

7. End of Technology – In which all technology stops working including gunpowder (not sure how it happens, just go with me on this) and we survivors are left to learn to fight with swords and use horse drawn plows.

8. Plague – In which nearly everyone dies because of a virulent plague, and we survivors (we survived because a scientist came up with a cure at the last second, or we are immune because our destiny calls us) are left to rebuild society.

9. Tebow – In which Tim Tebow leads the devout to the promised land, while we survivors are left to get on with our lives and the Broncos find a quarterback that can complete more than two passes in a row.

10. Interdimensional Rift – In which a rift in space and time opens up and demons pour through to kill nearly everyone, and we survivors must join forces with a chosen one (no not Tebow, think cute blonde girl) who has been foretold to be the only one capable of defeating the Demon Lord CHYZTREZXXEC and closing the rift.

So, which is your choice for the end of the world?  Discuss…

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