Update of the Writing Kind

For those of you wondering I have finished updating my synopsis and query letter for THE THIRD AGE.  They just need the Claire stamp of approval, and I will consider the project ready to be sent out into the harsh, harsh world.  Next will come rejection letters, each of which feels like a bamboo cane whipping against your SOUL!  Well maybe not that bad.  I guess it feels more like getting hit in the stomach with a baseball bat.  Ah the joys of the artistic life.

All of that can wait until January when agents might be a little more responsive.  I may post my progress here.  That will probably depend on how bad the beating is…

Anyway, all of this means that I am about ready to start work on a new novel (its a viscous cycle!).  I’m considering writing the sequel to THE THIRD AGE (not sure why I titled it that as I always misspell third as thrid).  I also have another idea that I have been slowly piecing together for a few months that I think could be a really cool story.  Not sure which I will go with at this point.  I’ll take this weekend and think it over before starting sometime next week.

I hope your day is perfectly cromulent.

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