More Book Reports

I just realized the What I’m Reading section is way out of date.

Yes, I reread Old Man’s War for the fifth or sixth time.  Still a great book. If you haven’t read it DO SO NOW!  OMW is a great military science fiction book about 70 year olds going to war.  I know, sounds odd, but it’s a great concept.  Additionally the author, John Scalzi, is one of my favorite sci fi writers.  You should check out his blog Whatever.

On the way down to and back from Las Cruces, Claire and I listened to the Night Circus.  An incredibly lovely book about two magicians competing for dominance over a circus.  That description does little to describe the lyricism with which Erin Morgenstern writes.  I have to admit I am very intimidated by the fact this was her first novel (first time even being published).  Her writing is phenomenal for anyone, let alone a newbie.  My one complaint about the book is her ending which drags on for too long and loses some of its impact.  Other than that I would give it 6.5 our of 7 stars.

I am currently reading Monster Hunters International by Larry Correia.  This is a book that someone gave Claire as a gym book and was sitting on our bookshelf.  I picked it up and am somewhat enjoying it.  The story is interesting, the writing is just not that great.  I will give a full report when I finish.

Well, off to clean the bathrooms for our guests that arrive tomorrow.  Then finish up the latest edit on The Third Age.  Then Skyrim!

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