Super Committee is now known as The League of Evil

I think the Super Committee was doomed from the start (they have come to no resolution to slashing $1.2 billion from the deficit).  With a name like Super Committee there is an expectation that, well, you’ll be super.  So I purpose that we change their name to: THE LEAGUE OF EVIL.  With a name like that people will have the expectation that we’ll be dicked over by congress again, so there are no false expectations.  Plus, on the off chance that they actually do something good we can all be pleasantly surprised.  It would be like Lex Luthor saving a puppy from a burning building.  Chances are he probably set the fire, but hey, he saved a puppy.  Much like if Congress, who got us in the mess in the first place, actually did something to help the 312 million citizens of this country.

Hmm….maybe that analogy works a little too well.



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