The Dreaded Synopsis

As I will start sending out The Third Age to agents soon, I’ve come to a point where I have to start writing THE SYNOPSIS (fill in your own ominous musical score).  For those of you that are unaware of what a synopsis is, it is a short (generally 3-5 page) description of your story.  “That seems easy,” you might say.  Maybe for some, but for me it is giant pain in my ass.  I don’t get writer’s block, except when I attempt to write a synopsis.  I have no idea why that is.  It really should be easy as all I am doing is summing up my novel.  A novel which I have been working on for ten months.  A novel that I know inside and outside and all the little bits hidden in the corners.

That familiarity might be part of the problem.  It’s hard to take 91,000 words and simmer them down to 750.  In the end though it must  be done.  I wish agents did not request them, but for some strange reason they do.  Well some of them anyway, especially agents who represent sci fi/fantasy.  Some just want a query letter (which could be a topic for its own blog post), others want a query and the first five pages, others want a query, the first chapter, a synopsis and bio (how about a little consistency folks).  The problem is that the more items they ask for the less chance you know what you are being rejected for.  Was the query letter bad? Was it the synopsis?  Were those two fine but the agent actually didn’t like my first chapter?  Most agents don’t reply with personalized rejections because they receive so many queries, which I can understand.  It just would be nice if they at least had a multiple choice selection of what you submitted and could check off what stopped them for asking for more….sigh…

Anyway, so I’m having to write a synopsis.  I wrote the first draft of one today.  It sucks.  So tomorrow I get to try again.  Then again and again and again…

How was your Wednesday?  It is Wednesday right?

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