Stuck In My Head

I’ve had this scene stuck in my head all morning.  The only way to get it out…write it out.  Now you get to share.


Jenks caromed off the bulkhead as the ship’s gravity failed.  He reached out and pushed against a strut flipping himself around.  Facing backwards to his flight line he aimed his rifle at the leading alien’s faceplate. He snarled as he pulled the trigger and nothing happened.  The alien blinked two of its four eyes then brought up its own weapon.  Jenks used his legs to push off another strut and shot across the cargo bay.  Projectiles sparked against the bulkhead where he had just been.

He tapped on a button on his glove screen and brought up a quick overlay of ship readings on his faceplate.  The captain was dead as was Deena.  Jenks was the only surviving member of the fifty-two person crew of the Triamont.

Back at the entrance more of the aliens were pulling themselves into the room.  Jenks tapped a series of override codes onto his glove screen.  Warning lights flashed blue and white in the bay.

He hit the Execute button.

The bay doors opened to space.  Jenks was sucked out into emptiness.

For a moment he could see the massive holes blasted into the Triamont.  Keeping station above her was the huge bulk of the alien ship.  Jenks fixed the image in his mind.  He arched himself backwards and ignited his suit thrusters.  They pushed him away from the ships and down into the gravity well of the blue planet below.


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