What I Want to Do

My goal in life is to be a writer, and not just any writer, but a Science Fiction writer (with some occasional Fantasy thrown in for good measure).  I’ve created this blog so that others may follow along my journey (hopefully it is a hero’s journey, because then I can be like Luke (if you have to ask Luke who, then this blog might not be for you)) as I attempt to have my first novel published.

Here is a quick status update.  I have a novel “The Third Age” which is in the final stages of a small rewrite.  I sent out a previous version to several agents with no real success.  I say “real” in that no one wanted to see anything more than a partial manuscript.  I did receive some helpful feedback from a few, hence the rewrite.  Hopefully in the next week or so I will be able to start sending out more query letters and begin the process anew.

I hope that there are others out there that will want to follow along through what should be a learning experience.

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